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Get Fibre? But why?

Here at Fibre Geeks we give you the 5 best reasons to get fibre. 

So, you want to move to Fibre but you’re worried it may just be another buzz-word. Let’s start with a question: Is it true that fibre optic internet services are superior? Yes, in one word. It’s much faster and more reliable vs cable internet or DSL and it has other major advantages like no throttling and better TV picture quality; But what about my work? During periods of high demand for internet access, you should not even have to notice the internet slowing down!

The Nutshell

Fibre provides improved speed, security, dependability, and endurance; And can be used to improve communication to remote places. Fibre internet connections are definitely the way of the future for fixed-line internet. Many people and businesses have already adopted fibre, and home consumers are increasingly opting for it as well. Fibre internet is here to stay. 

1: Fibre is Fast 

Thanks to fibre’s ultra-fast speeds, any data that needs to be transferred will move a lot faster. The speed of fibre optic internet is around 20 times that of conventional cable internet and 80 times that of DSL – meaning that data moves like lightning!

2: Fibre Gives You More Reliability

Fibre internet is the most reliable approach to ensure that your internet is up to par. Fibre-optic cables, for example, are more robust than copper lines and are far less likely to be destroyed. Weather will also not be a barrier or source of interference on fibre connections. Rain, severe heat, and extreme temperatures may all disrupt the power, but fibre-optic connections use light to transmit your data allowing you to enjoy internet, all the time.

3: Unlimited Data Without Throttling

We’ve all been there. Your download gets to 99% and your anticipation quickly turns from patience to “I need more data!”, as you guiltily ask yourself if it’s even worth trying again. The Geek Speak: Many broadband systems use a shared bandwidth, in which multiple sites share a single speed. ISPs will use throttling and/or data caps to control the amount of bandwidth sent out. With Fibre you can say goodbye to slow internet and constantly buying data!

4: Higher Quality TV and Other Streaming Services

Just bought a 4K TV or thinking about buying one? Sounds cool right? Having a marathon of your favourite show on Netflix sounds like fun, too – but it sucks a lot more bandwidth from your internet connection, and the notorious buffer begins. We all know how painful it can be! When you get Fibre internet this problem is instantly solved by using the speed of light through glass tubes that are as thin as a piece of human hair! Yes, it really is! This means you can watch all your favorite shows using multiple devices completely uninterrupted.

5: Fibre Offers Better Security

In our data-driven age, cyber-security is a real concern. Fibre is a cost-effective way to keep your information safe from hackers. How, though? In Geek Speak, electronic transmissions are significantly easier to intercept than light signals. Physically putting taps on a copper telecom wire can readily intercept it. When you use copper connections to connect to the internet, your cyber security is compromised. As a result, adopting fibre internet will significantly improve data security.

I Want Fibre. Get your Geek Powered Fibre Internet now!

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