Fibre Geeks is a Fibre Network Operator (FNO) who build and operate high speed Open Access networks to homes and businesses in and around the Western Cape.

The open access aspect of the networks means that customers have more variety when it comes to available packages with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – this is achieved by creating an environment where all ISPs can meet on equal terms to compete for end users’ business on the Fibre Geeks network, and keep pricing competitive.

Fibre Geeks primarily deploys its network in Gated Communities and Estates, where the community can benefit from a wide range of Value-Added Services over the Fibre Geeks network.

These value-adds include utilizing the fibre network for additional end user services like TV-over-Fibre, as well as for Estate-wide security aspects like Access Control networks, CCTV networks, Intercom Systems and much more.

Fibre Geeks merely builds and maintains the infrastructure to each connection point, it is not an Internet Service Provider and does not provide internet services to end customers.

To get connected to the Fibre Geeks network, you can sign up with one of the ISPs available in your area today.